About Us




The Thompson Group is an industry-leading executive search firm that offers over 20 years of expertise combined with an unparalleled commitment to excellence. Whether your recruiting needs fall under the spectrum of marketing, management, operations, or any executive level, we have a proven track record for getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

In any field, in any industry, there exists a calibre of professionals who exceed expectations. These are the candidates that The Thompson Group targets to satisfy our clients’ recruiting needs. Our extensive contacts are comprised of top industry professionals who work with us because of the quality of service and level of confidentiality we are known to provide.

Building Successful Relationships

Employees are a company’s most important asset and their placement and retention represents a substantial investment of both human and financial capital. That is why our focus is on building long-term relationships with people who rely upon our extensive and specialized Real Estate industry experience, aggressive recruiting techniques and exceptional standards of professionalism. A greater understanding of our corporate client’s goals and philosophy contributes directly to the success of any search. In the long run, this business is not about simply filling positions.

The Thompson Group’s mission is to provide superior, customized executive search services that will accomplish our client’s goals quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

Partner with us and let us help you turn all of your recruiting challenges into success stories.

To Our Clients

We pledge to:

— Put your interest above everything

— Exhibit the highest standard of professionalism and personal integrity

— Provide the industry’s best research and communication

— Respect all issues of confidentiality and privacy

— Acknowledge your expertise and ability to educate us through this process