Focus on Superior Service

The Thompson Group is selective in choosing our strategic alliances, enabling us to commit more time and resources to our established clients. We recognize that our clients are making significant investments in quality talent, and we honor that commitment with the high degree of responsiveness and integrity that we bring to every engagement.

Composed of experienced professionals, who are seasoned in the intricacies of executive search and placement, our staff will always go the extra mile to assure the best results. The Thompson Group’s unique, dedicated team approach distinguishes us in this industry. We recognize that there is much more to gain by pooling our collective knowledge, experience and contacts in order to benefit our clients’ numerous needs. When you do business with a Thompson Group member, you have the capabilities of a well-rounded team at your service not just one player.

Real Estate Industry Expertise: The Thompson Group recruits exclusively in the Real Estate industry. We handle all types of positions at all levels within the industry and are fully able to take on any specialty or “hard-to-fill” positions unique to top organizations.

Accountability: When you work exclusively with the Thompson Group, we make a promise to you that we will fill the position. When working with multiple placement firms, no single firm takes full responsibility to get the job done.

Search Process

— Thorough evaluation to determine a strategic set of recruiting goals that fit within your firm’s overall mission.
— Aggressive search procedures that discreetly and professionally uncover a nationwide pool of the best the industry has to offer.
— Sense of urgency and commitment a drive to complete the assignment with speed and accuracy to get the candidate that matches the client’s needs.
— Detailed screening practices that save your firm immeasurable time and resources. The Thompson Group will only present candidates who stand up to our own due diligence process as well as the evaluation criteria of our corporate clients.
— Comprehensive management of interviewing and hiring procedures. We will coordinate all scheduling, interviews, feedback, and logistics involved in the search process, to the degree and extent you specify.
— Skilled, professional negotiations. We can be your strategic ally in aligning the best available talent to fit within your budgetary framework.
— Superior post-placement standards including continuous follow-up and monitoring to assure that your satisfaction continues beyond the scope of our engagement.

Timeliness: Qualified candidates are presented to you within your time parameters. You receive prompt results and detailed follow-up. Whether you are filling one, or several positions, you are able to collect information, set interviews, and receive timely updates all from one source.

Our Personal Values: The Thompson Group is proud of its solid reputation in the industry for conducting our search assignments in the most professional and ethical manner. You can trust that
we will provide you with accurate information concerning candidates, and as always, we will verify information on any candidate as needed.